IIlicit Sleep

Last night I dozed off while watching, on Netflix, a documentary titled The Nature of Existence. The narrator had set up interviews with as many people as he could manage from a broad range of countries, religions, professions, income brackets etc. and the film consisted of him travelling the world and posing questions such as, ‘What is the meaning of life?”  I was lying on the couch with my laptop on a little table nearby when the delicious sleepiness came over me – the kind where at first I fought it and slipped in and out of consciousness, (in this case waking up to such disparate images as a southern preacher professing his certainty in his particular brand of God followed a few snores later by an East Indian man bathing naked in the Ganges. Quite a spiritual trip!  Finally I gave in to the seduction of slumber. I will replay the documentarty (oops I meant documentary but I will leave the type O as it does seem like a Freudian slip) another time.

Small wonder that I had interesting dreams last night – something about me trying to help some women who had just arrived in Yarmouth to make contact with the Real Estate Store. It seemed they had an appointment with a man there but he hadn’t turned up in the place where they had arranged to meet. In another dream I was in a bank and discovered that they had set up a type of account for their employees that would enable them to withdraw all their own money in a matter of seconds merely by pressing a button. I hope that one is not an indication of the financial world’s confidence (or lack there-of ) in the economy.  In another dream a large number of people had gathered in the downtown area for the purpose of painting, very quickly, many of the buildings and fences bright school bus yellow.

Hmmm, it will be interesting to see what I dream the next time I watch that documentary.


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