Light Summer reading

Dieter & I were at the Mavillette beach park the other evening. I lifted the lid of the recycling barrel to put something in and noticed that some paperback books had been thrown away. I was intrigued (some would say nosy) so I had to check out the titles  – Truth & Logic, Canada & the Great Canadian Question, The Secular City and, last but not least, King Lear.  So what is the story here? Did someone actually read these before discarding them or did they bring them here as their summer reading and then, after settling back on the beach ask themselves, ‘What was I thinking?’ Pretty heavy duty stuff for relaxing. I would have been interested in reading a couple of them but unfortunately they were wet.

Incredibly beautiful waves the other night. We set out on Dieter’s veranda watching and wondering why they were so big. It hadn’t been especially windy. Someone told me yesterday that the rough water was caused by hurricane Katia. We don’t watch TV and seldom listen to the news or weather on the radio so we hadn’t heard anything about hurricane Katia.

This was the view from Dieter’s veranda on Sept 9, 2011




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