Dogs are Painters Too

So – I helped Hannah paint her living room today. She has listed her house for sale and is frantically working on so many areas at once that the house is in total chaos. In the living room the furniture had been pushed to the middle of the room, was draped with sheets and the photos/paintings had been taken down from the walls. Hannah, Kiersten & I were trying to work with the two dogs underfoot. Rhomba is a large Black Lab and Jake is a rabbit hound. I was on a stool, squeezed in behind the computer desk (which was out from the wall 1 1/2 ft) when Rhomba decided to come in there with me. Of course Jake had to follow her. They soon realized that there wasn’t enough room to turn around. We all managed to get out but then, a few minutes later I heard Hannah’s screams followed by Kiersten’s screams. Rhomba’s tail had dropped into an open can of white paint. They both grabbed her, Kiersten had hold of her tail so Hannah ran to the kitchen to get a rag but Rhomba always wants to be near Hannah so she ran to the kitchen behind her with Kiersten running behind, still holding the white tail. I, in the meantime, was laughing so hard I was totally useless.

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